What are In Kind Supports?

These days, you don’t see the words ‘in-kind support’ around too often when it comes to NDIS plans – but what does it mean? In-kind supports […]

What is TTP?

You might have seen in the price guide the acronym TTP floating around the NDIS Price Guide – but what does it actually mean? TTP stands […]

How do I plan manage my NDIS plan?

Whether you’re brand new to the NDIS, or have been in the scheme for a few years, it’s never too late to change to plan management. […]

A Guide To The Support Roles Within The NDIS

There are a wide variety of support services available to give NDIS participants access to same things in life as everyone else, such as a job, […]

The Difference Between Plan Management & Support Coordination

The NDIS provides choice and control for people with disabilities to use their funding to pay for the support they need to live life as independently […]

Should I Go For Self-Managed Or Plan Managed NDIS?

With the Federal Government’s NDIS, participants can choose from three different options for accessing and managing their funding called Self-Managed, Plan Managed, and NDIA or Agency […]

How to understand the NDIS Price Guide

The National Disability Insurance Scheme, or NDIS, was created by the Federal Government to support all Australians living with a physical, cognitive, intellectual, psychosocial, or sensory […]